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My Ladies Rock

So, the history of rock and roll concerns only male rockers ? Testosterone-fueled concerts, music that doesn’t quite stay in a pair of tight-fitting jeans, the meteoritic bursts of fame of rock heroes. And women were just muses with love-struck eyes, hidden icons, or manipulating goddesses ?



Since their first work together on Amour sorcier (Bewitched Love), written with the orchestra conductor Marc Minkowski and the stage director Jacques Osinski, Olivia Ruiz and Jean-Claude Gallotta have been keen to renew the experience and collaborate on a new project where they can explore their respective artistic universes...


My Rock

My Rock comprises around 15 short sequences danced to legendary rock tracks, each placed in their respective periods in history, from Elvis Presley to Patti Smith, from Leonard Cohen to the Rolling Stones, and from Bob Dylan to the Velvet Underground...


The Stranger

My mother died today. She too lived in Algeria when she was a young woman and she may perhaps have been happy there. With The Stranger, like Meursault I find myself immersed in the same incomprehensible, unbearable reality and the same need to describe these absurd feelings. J.-C.G.


Mamamme’s Childhood

Mammame, Claude Gallotta’s iconic choreography adapted as a tale for young audiences (aged 5-10). Mamamme’s Childhood tells the story of a band of Mammames who live inside a theatre and have to set off to look for the projector-sun which has disappeared. This is a choreographic quest, made up of all possible kinds of dance, led by a storyteller who likes to stir things up and spins out the thread of the narrative.